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"What~? scared of death~?"
Wordplay name HNN
Aliases Hone, Shadow,
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian/Shadow Demon/Ghost
Date of birth January 22nt.
Occupation A Member in the Onini Corps.
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Honene (ホネネ) is a fan-character in the series Keroro gunso. He is a Ghost (幽霊, Yūrei), so to speak.


When he was killed his soul went over to the spirit world where he met up Scarlet's parents, Sarara and Sakaka, competently unaware what had happen, and was shocked to find out what happened. After years of being dead Onini went to the spirit world and tricked Honene into being re-created by Onini. He lost all sanity and anything he had before, being turned into a ghost, shadow demon, keron hydride. He still has his love for Scarlet and is still going after her in a more creepy way now even though she's married to Jandoku. He is also seeking revenge on his old platoon members, mostly his old best friends Hayaya and Nazozo.


He has no states being he is dead.
When he died he was 22.
He is mentality insane.


He's a adult size black shadow keron he does not have legs. His body goes down into flat tentacle like waves of shadow that float up in the air. His 'ears' are tarted and torn badly. He wears a silver chain cross (which was stolen from Scarlet) around his neck, and his old engagement ring on his left hand. He has purple eyes with magenta in the middle then purple in the middle of that. He has no white marks, but he does have a silver cross mark in the middle of his for-head.


Honene's Ring and Necklace


He was engaged to Scarlet. The two had been together 5 years before he proposed. They were to be married in few days.On the mission they went on that killed him, Nazozo was struggling under a grunts foot. Then another grunt pointed the a gun at Hayaya, and Honene pushed Hayaya out of the way. He took the bullet to his heart cavity and died in Nazozo's arms. When the mission was done they all headed back to base. Hayaya was carrying Honene, and Nazozo could barely even look at Scarlet's face when she seen it.


When he was a child he went to school with Scarlet and Nazozo. When thy joined the military he trained along side the two, and was in separable from the two. He was religious.


His Love Scarlet:
He was once her husband to be, but after dying and years later being resurrected he still loves her in a creepy way. He rivals Jandoku.

His Best Friend Nazozo:
His childhood best friend that became his platoon mate, and he died in his hands. Now Honene sees Nazozo as his enemy, his killer, thanks to Onini. Nazozo refuses to fight Honene, he is like a dear in head lights to him.

His Boss and Master Onini:
He is loyal to Onini and obeys him.


He can turn his hands into any object, and unlike other shadow demons his body repairs itself when damaged and does not vanish. However, he still feels the pain, and is actually a very solid being.


His new shadow demon powers.


Very bright light.
He gets tired quickly.


None known.


Girls: N/A
Boys: N/A


  • His name comes from "骨" (Hone) meaning 'Bone'
  • He has a living from.

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