The Nikiki Platoon (ニキキ小隊, Nikiki shōtai) is a platoon in New York City. It's also called HEADACHE (Head Enforcement put in America Do to Annoying, Complaining, and Heinous Entities)



After the government of Keron thought that Earth needed more platoons to make the in slavery of Earth go by faster, they sent new platoons in every country of the world. Nikiki Platoon was sent to America.


Sergeant Major: Nikiki
Sergeant: Jiroro
Corporal: Zakoror
Chief Medic: Dononon
Private Second Class: Gartete

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Creators DeviantArt

Nikiki Platoon
Members Nikiki · Jiroro · Zakoror · Dononon · Gartete
Other Members Crystal · MARC

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