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"High In the sky~!"
Wordplay name S33
Aliases Sky, Sora, Skye,
Age 18
Gender Male
Species / Type Keronian
Date of birth November 18th
Occupation Keron Army Air force
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Sorara (ソララ,) is a fan-character in the series Keroro Gunso. He is a Flight Lieutenant (大尉, Taii)


Sorara is Farara's younger brother. He is a Flight Lieutenant in the army, and currently in no platoon, he lives in a spaceship RV, and lives with Gekiki on alien street in an apartment. He used to be very childish, but now more mature and serious, but still overprotective of his sister Farara and not girlfriend Gekiki.


He's perfectly healthy other than a few scars and a gunshot scar on his right ankle hidden by his wraps.
His blood type is B+.


He's a dark burgundy red keron, he wears a purple camouflage hat, raw umber goggles and gloves, at the end of his goggles they go into flaps, there are strings with Dodger Blue balls at the end, on the cuffs of his gloves there's a gold button. He wears a Dodger Blue scarf and wrappings on his left leg. His mark is a dodger blue 'chibi' wing and it has a gold star on it. He has Electric Violet eyes.


When he was old enough, him and his sister entered the Keron Army, only his sister signed up as a nurse, and he signed up to be a corporal so they were separated. She was sent to Pekopon while he stayed on Keron. He turned out to be unfit for corporal rank, but found he was more qualified for the airforce and became a Flight Lieutenant after working up from recruit.


It is also known that he grew up on a farm with his sister. When he was a baby he lost hhis mother to illness, and his father left his mother before he was born for unknown reasons to him. His sister Farara and her older friends helped her take care of him.


His older sister Farara:
His older adopted sister, he sees her almost like his mother, so very protective of her, not wanting her to get hurt.

Rival? Fuguru:
Has a bit of a rivalry with him, but it's more him making sure he wont break Farara's heart or hurt her.

His Girlfriend Gekiki:
She has dominance over him and he loves her despite the odd 'issues' they have.


He currently is known to have none.


He's more skilled when fighting in an aircraft or spacecraft than on the ground with his pistol.


The scar on his ankle is tender and hurts when touched.
His love Gekiki and sister Farara.


He married Gekiki and has a child with her.


Girls: Yururu
Boys: N/A

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