The Torisha Platoon (トリシャ小隊, Torisha shōtai) is a fan made platoon in the Keroro gunso series. The platoon specializes in emergency rescue missions. The Torisha Platoon is made up of five female Keronian/Axolotlian hybrids. The platoon lives in a alternated time line from the real Keroro Platoon.

Members in Rank orderEdit

  • Captain Kendra/Kerara
  • Warrant Officer Serissa/Seriri
  • Lance Corporal Zuma/Zumama
  • Chief Medic Ivy/Ivyvy
  • Recruit Kayin/Kayinyin


The Torisha Platoon is an A class Platoon and is named "Torisha" commemorate the former leader Trisha, or Trishasha.




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